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I strongly suggest that you monitor students to keep them from turning this into a joke by creating something that has the body of an alligator, the head of a fox and the feet of a polar bear.  I remind students that they are supposed to reimagine what the adaptations from the animals might look like on humans.  For example, rather than replacing arms with fins, we could change the shape of the arms so they are less round and more flattened out like fins.  There should still be an element of humanity within their creations.

  Keeping It Serious
  Accountability: Keeping It Serious
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Choose Your Extreme Ecosystem

Unit 7: Factors That Drive Evolution
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Objective: SWBAT Research the animals and plants that exist in an extreme ecosystem and identify the adaptations they have developed that allow them to thrive in that ecosystem

Big Idea: Before students can redesign humanity, they must gather information about the life that exists in their chosen extreme ecosystem.

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Science, Evolution, ecosystem, natural selection (Evolution), adaptation, Genetic Engineering, natural selection
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