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There are times when it is important to stick to the debate format and there are times when it is better to adapt. For example, following the first round, one of the speakers asked if they were allowed to add on to what the other speaker said when it was their turn to talk (basically having 2 different people from the same side speak) and I said no, you must determine what you want to say during that conference time with your group. I did this because I am attempting to encourage communication during the conference time and active listening during the debate. I do not want anyone shouting out their opinions because it is easier to do so than discussing with the group during the conference.  

However, at one point during the debate several students on both sides began to raise their hands. Once each side had their turn, I called on students with their hands raised, being sure to follow the same alternating sides format (first the pro and then the con). These students could only make the statement that prompted them to raise their hand, and they could not speak more than the one time. This flexibility allowed me to meet the needs of those students and validate their opinions while still maintaing the basic format of the debate while rewarding them for actively listening and waiting patiently versus shouting out a response.

  Knowing When To Step Outside The Format
  Flexibility: Knowing When To Step Outside The Format
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Is "Knowing Stuff" Obsolete - Debate

Unit 8: Real World Experiments Lead To Big Questions
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT debate an argument that is well supported by evidence.

Big Idea: Students debate to determine if the memorization of "Google-able" facts is obsolete in today's society.

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