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I ran this lesson with my gifted students and I was a bit caught off guard by their poor ability to communicate with each other even though they were on the same side of the issue.  This was especially obvious in the group which included more social diversity with the academic team leaders dominating the discussion while forcfully shutting out the students outside of that cluster.  It was necessary that I intervene and clearly explain the impact their behavior had on the group as a whole and model how I wanted them to continue.

For the lead speakers, I had the group select one person from each clique (one from academic team and one not on academic team).  I had each speaker sit with the members from the opposite social circle and listen to their perspectives without speaking.  Once students began effectively communicating, I receded to the background but kept a close eye on the group and let them know when, in their excitement, their tone got aggressive.

At the end of the day I found a post-it note on my computer that read "we are pretty bad at debates. Thank you for your help today and for working with us instead of just stopping the activity.  We will be better tomorrow :) "  Don't you love it when they see the value in what we do?

  Students Need Practice!
  Trust and Respect: Students Need Practice!
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Is "Knowing Stuff" Obsolete - Introduction

Unit 8: Real World Experiments Lead To Big Questions
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT debate an argument that is well supported by evidence.

Big Idea: Students debate to determine if the memorization of "Google-able" facts is obsolete in today's society.

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