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Some students do not eat bacon, for a variety of reasons, such as food aversions or allergies, religious beliefs, or personal preferences. These students, who might not eat, cook, and/or handle bacon may have a problem participating in this lesson. Because of this, I provide a variety of alternatives for this activity, including:

  • Using turkey bacon or vegetarian bacon.
  • Allowing the use of other foods or examples that can provide a similar reaction (tea, kool-aid, butter, etc).
  • Excusing them from the cooking portion, or the entire lesson all together (depending on the severity of their situation).

  Vegetarians and Non-bacon Eaters
  Vegetarians and Non-bacon Eaters
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Who Doesn't Love Bacon?

Unit 7: Chemistry and Cooking
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT describe the process of diffusion and apply that understanding to the process of cooking bacon.

Big Idea: Why does bacon smell so delicious when cooked? It's all about diffusion! Students will learn the science behind this irresistible breakfast treat!

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