Reflection: Pacing Banana Biology - Section 6: Our Conclusions


The intention in the lesson was to document the bananas and the changes for four days straight and move into the conclusions.  Unfortunately, that didn't go as planned.  Assemblies and other school functions got in the way of our best plans.  

We adjusted and determined that three days of data was enough to draw conclusions from.  Because of this, I took the opportunity to ask the children if we had only had one day of data would that be enough information to draw any conclusions from? Would two days be enough? 

The children determined that three days was enough for us to establish any patterns or observations we could make.  And for this reason, we moved on to our conclusions.   

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Banana Biology

Unit 8: Unit 8 - Rain Forest
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Objective: SWBAT observe and document the decomposition of bananas.

Big Idea: The Rain Forest is a lush and diverse biome, but the soils are not rich in nutrients because of the high rate of decomposition. This lesson shows the decomposition process and allows for discussions and learning to further from its results.

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