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The more I try to integrate grammar study as part of my curriculum, the more I realize how little students really know about it, and that I have to do it more consistently.  I was thinking of this as I listened to the students' struggle when they explained parts of speech, and more particularly, phrases and clauses.  They were able to state the basic definitions of parts of speech and read what they wrote in their notes about the chapters from the book, but struggled to go deeper regarding function.  And those who got the phrase or clause card were stumped.   Letting them squirm for a few rounds to drive home the point of accountability from the summer work was very effective, though; even though I cut the time a bit from each round, and cut the entire activity a little short so I could focus more time on the Emily Dickinson poetry example in the next part of the lesson, the students didn't notice, because even the two minutes seemed like forever!  I definitely learned that I will have to integrate some of this grammar work going forward.  

This lesson, though really worked well as a formative assessment, since all the students had to talk, and I could clearly hear what was going on.  So, I will certainly use this activity again next year!


  Round Robin Reflection
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Round Robin Reflection
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Name That Function

Unit 1: The Function of Language
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT recognize the function particular parts of speech and syntactical structures have in texts by explaining their understanding of them from Constance Hale's book Sin and Syntax.

Big Idea: Every word, phrase, and clause of a text plays an important role in creating meaning.

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sin and syntax
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