Reflection: Student Self-Assessment On Again, Off Again - Section 4: Closing and Sharing


Before you can ask your students to discuss something that didn't work, you have to be sure your environment is safe and students not only know, but feel the safety in the classroom. They must trust their classmates, you, and themselves, in order to share this way. Although discussing mistakes is natural in a classroom, volunteering thoughts that did not come to fruition are difficult for all of us. However, when students  can do this, the learning is amazing. Dealing with what doesn't work is so much stronger than considering what does work. 

In reality, considering what doesn't work is most of science.  Students need to know this and welcome it.  

Try asking, "What went wrong today?" as a closing to your lesson. 

  Considering What Went Wrong
  Student Self-Assessment: Considering What Went Wrong
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On Again, Off Again

Unit 9: Electricity
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to complete a complete circuit that includes a switch.

Big Idea: My students are familiar with the idea of the flow of electricity being broken-due to mis-wiring or poorly constructed circuits. This lesson will cause them to work with intentional breaks in the flow of electricity.

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Science, circuits (Electricity), Electricity, switches, trial and error, closed and open circuits, conductors, insulators
  48 minutes
complete circuit
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