Reflection: Student Ownership Student-Developed Assessments: Body System Research Projects (Day 6 of 6) - Section 2: Direct Instruction - Time To Be The Teacher


The students really enjoyed being empowered through the opportunity to write their own assessment.  The students gave a lot of thought and effort to develop questions that related to main ideas of the structures and function of their body system.  A few complications arose that created additional work for the teacher:

  • Students do not know how to write assessments and most of the questions needed to be rewritten to make the intention clear to the other students in class.
  • Each class needs their own assessment, so the teacher ends up writing a different quiz for every class based on the students' contributions
  • Each of the different versions of the assessments need to be copied so I ended up making more copies than usual . . . not good for the copy budget!

Despite these complications and extra effort, the students enjoyed the opportunity to write their quiz and now understand the art of assessment creation!  Plus the students commented that this was the hardest quiz they have taken all year. . . and they have themselves to thank!

  Student-Developed Assessments
  Student Ownership: Student-Developed Assessments
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Student-Developed Assessments: Body System Research Projects (Day 6 of 6)

Unit 9: Comparative Anatomy and Dissections
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT apply their knowledge of human anatomy to create an assessment for their peers.

Big Idea: Time to show your skills by creating a quiz for your friends!

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