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The things we take for granted… 

Paper is such a simple material; yet try to live without it.  It reminds me of the Little House on the Prairie series of books.  In it, the Ingalls family had to be creative with their use of everything- especially paper.  They could not take anything for granted.  They would save it and reuse it it over and over again.  As Science teachers, we need to reinforce the value of the many resources that surround us.  

In our day and age, paper exists everywhere.  The students needed to learn ways to gain relevance, so in later lessons, they could learn to respect, recycle, reuse, amongst others things.  Paper can teach them a great deal about the Math CCSS like comparison, attributes, classification, as well as Science NGSS Engineering Design.  My deep hope is that the awareness of paper grows with this lesson.  Not only will the students be more mindful of it’s use, but also of it’s value.  

  Deep Learning from Simple Things
  Relevance: Deep Learning from Simple Things
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Productive Paper-Purposeful Paper

Unit 12: Productive Paper
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: Students will use their senses to explore different types of paper.

Big Idea: How can a paper be different?

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