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I know many teachers that show videos as a lesson.  I have done it my whole career. However, with the dawn of Common Core and NGSS, I have learned to tweak what I expect during the viewing of these videos.  I now understand that my expectations of what the students listen for and try to make sense of must be presented prior to the video.

I knew my students were able to take some notes during videos, and I knew that third graders love Magic School Bus. By introducing watching for and determining the main idea of a movie, and then drawing a representation of that idea, I raised the rigor of the event. Now my students had to learn the facts, order them into a hierarchy of importance, and then illustrate it in a scientific way. 

I am so proud of how well my students did. By pairing the viewing, organization of facts, illustrations, and then the class discussion, I was able to teach many concepts and asses the students in their understanding of the objective. 

So, don't show a video as a time filler-turn it into a rigorous event that can spark debate and curiosity. 

  Debate Hatched from Video
  Accountability: Debate Hatched from Video
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Go With the Flow

Unit 9: Electricity
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to name and use the basic components of a circuit, while describing the flow of electricity.

Big Idea: Although students are typically able, through trial and error, to light a bulb, building knowledge of building a complete pathway for charges to travel from a source to a receiver is essential.

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Science, Electricity, electicity, charge, sources, receiver, pathways, circuit, closed circuit, open circuit, conductors, insulators
  38 minutes
electricity components
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