Reflection: Quizzes Fission and Chain Reactions - Section 2: Homework Check-in and Quiz


Often times to provide students with immediate feedback on quiz I have them grade them in class. The process is relatively simple and most students don’t mind if a peer grades their quiz.  If there is an issue, I will just pull that one aside and grade it myself.

Steps for grading

  • Upon completing the quiz I have students put it in a folder that divides them from the person(s) that sit next to them at the lab table.
  • Once everyone is finished I have them pass it to the person next to them.
  • The grader writes their name to show grader accountability.
  • I explain how many points the quiz is worth
  • I tell number of points for the questions and provide the answer for each question.
  • While providing answers I walk around to ensure that no one is grading their own paper.
  • After completing grading I have them put the total correct on the top and pass back to the owner.
  • I collect them after everyone has seen their grade.

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Fission and Chain Reactions

Unit 2: Unit 3-Nuclear Chemistry
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT Compare and contrast nuclear processes (fission, fusion and radioactive decay) in terms of particle and energy emissions and changes in mass and identity of daughter isotopes.

Big Idea: Students are introduced to the process of fission by using one of PhET's funniest simulations.

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nucleur fission
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