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Whenever I'm in the classroom I'm always trying not to get caught in one place for too long. This may be in front of the class, or at a group's table or station. Moving around the classroom, especially during activities like this Kaleidoscope activity can be very effective in maintaining a positive classroom atmosphere. I wander over different parts of the room speaking from various spots. When a student is called on to speak, instead of standing next to him/her, I walk away and ask the he/she speak louder such that the rest of the class hears his comment or question. Then I answer back at a distance. 

As I walk and approach a group that has a question or is having any difficulty, I make eye-contact with other students that are requesting my assistance and make them understand that I will get them. I continue this behavior throughout, always getting new perspectives to what is going on with the activity. This way I feel I always have the attention of the class and most important, the class feels I always have their attention, even if I'm not with them at the moment. After a while, this becomes automatic which adds to effective classroom management.

  Occupy the entire room
  Classroom Setup: Occupy the entire room
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Kaleidoscope Eyes

Unit 5: Congruence and Similarity
Lesson 15 of 16

Objective: SWBAT make their own kaleidoscope and reinforce the ideas behind composite reflections.

Big Idea: Based on composite reflections, a kaleidoscope creates fascinating designs that change as the kaleidoscope is rotated.

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Math, reflections, rotations, kaleidoscope, composite reflections, geometry, image, gamification
  60 minutes
kaleisoscope eyes
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