Reflection: Learning Communities Collaboration: Body System Presentations #1 (Day 3 of 6) - Section 2: Guided Practice - Powerful Peer Presentations


With the implementation of the NGSS, students in Biology will need to collaborate more often in laboratory experiments and research presentations.  This group project encourages students to complete the research as a team, but requires each individual group member to present independently to their peer audience.  The opportunity to present reinforces the need for public speaking across the curriculum and supports the efforts of our ELA teachers in achieving the expectations of the Common Core.  The students enjoyed the collaborative nature of this project and were pushed outside of their comfort zone with the individual presentation requirement.  A win-win!

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Collaboration: Body System Presentations #1 (Day 3 of 6)

Unit 9: Comparative Anatomy and Dissections
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT employ their public speaking talents to share their Body System Reserach Projects that were created with Google Drive, as well as their 3D models.

Big Idea: Students learning from their peers is a powerful experience. Students will share their presentations and 3D models to inform and inspire their peers!

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Science, Biology / Life Science, Human Anatomy / Physiology and Body Systems, anatomy, presentation, models, Google Drive, body system research project, body system integration, dissections
  55 minutes
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