Reflection: Joy Acid and Base Experiential Learning - Section 6: Debrief


We did not work hard in this class; there were no major academic advances made by most students. However, they did experience what an acid tastes like, and they did get to see a cloudy liquid become clear as the result of neutralization. Both of these ideas will be revisited in this unit, and so the ability to refer back to this day gives it value. So does being able to take a day to have fun with students and do chemistry just for the fun of it.

Equally important, I discovered an unexpected side effect of giving students time to play in the chemistry lab--students had time to think and ask interesting questions while I walked around and interacted with them. Here is a sample of their questions:

Can you buy acid online?

Can acid really destroy paint on cars?

Why are some acids dangerous to drink?

How do I get acid shipped to me?

Does crying when cutting onions have something to do with acids?

There is tremendous pressure to cover a set number of standards in the limited amount of time that is the school year. However, I think it is important to take time to do science just for the fun of it once in a while because this is what draws many students to science in the first place.

  Chemistry Just for the Fun of It
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Acid and Base Experiential Learning

Unit 7: Acids and Bases
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Objective: Students will be able to make some general observations about properties of acids and bases.

Big Idea: Acids and bases are found in many household materials; taste is an inaccurate way to know whether something is an acid or a base.

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