Reflection: Student Ownership Fuel and Natural Resources - Section 4: Wrap Up


One strategy that I focused on in this particular lesson was encouraging the students to justify their thinking. I wanted the students to take ownership of their ideas. I do believe that the students liked the challenge of having to support their answers with details. The students were able to get their ideas across clearly while establishing a culture of learning where their peers could hear them out and respect their contributions to the conversations.

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Fuel and Natural Resources

Unit 4: Natural Resources and Human Needs
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to explain that fuels are produced from natural resources and used to meet human needs.

Big Idea: Students will review print and digital resources to learn about fossil fuels.

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Science, invasive species, fuel, natural resurces, natural resources, food, habitats
  46 minutes
fossil fuels
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