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The Wood unit provided me with some unique challenges. Throughout it, I was often left scratching my head and wondering “Where am I going with this idea? How can I make it relevant?”. I realized that I was making it way too complicated. As teachers, we can be prone to over-analysis. To get perspective, I needed to take a step back. Basically, I had to go back to basics.  As teachers, we need to feel free to allow ourselves to simplify lessons, realizing that can be just as valuable (if not more!) learning experience.  Consequently, I asked myself- What is wood at it’s most elemental? It is a material.  What do you do with a material?  You build with it.  What do you build? You build something that has a purpose. That’s where it all began.

In my area of San Jose, CA, building and inventing is all around us. So it was very important for me to create lessons and activities that had real relevance and application. I want the students to leave with the thought that their ideas have importance.  If the first idea doesn’t work, move on to the next one. Create..test..refine..repeat.  With this assessment, they took one of the many applications we studied and put the idea into action with a design and an explanation.  Both of these elements work together to create a well-rounded illustration of their learning. That’s the best kind.


  Wrap it Up and Make it Count
  Relevance: Wrap it Up and Make it Count
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Wood You Marry Me?-Assessment

Unit 11: Wood You Marry Me?
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: Students will draw an object and explain its function and what type of wood they would use to build the object.

Big Idea: Why is wood important?

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Science, Science Skills, ELL, wood, tree
  20 minutes
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