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During my lessons, I always look for ways to change up the delivery.  One way I do this is to integrate famous experts on the subject matter.  In our Animal unit, I introduced and revisited Charles Darwin.  With Space, it was Copernicus.  With this lesson, we learned a bit about Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW).  Introducing subject matter experts is an valuable modeling strategy for a few reasons.  At this level, an important focus of mine is to help students understand that many people learn new things..and use this learning to make a living and improve their craft.  Better yet, they never stop learning.  This continued education should have meaning and context- same as our students.  We took this one step further to create models.  The models we created with this lesson are a perfect example of putting the lesson to work.  The structures made with wood based materials gives meaning to the FLW example, provided a tangible example related to the lesson, and constructed context to the continuing learning process (architects can always learn how to build a house better!).  The students loved the result and will no doubt take the learning forward into areas that we can only dream about..just like real architects!  

  Examples are Everything
  Modeling: Examples are Everything
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Wood You Marry Me?- Wonderful Wood

Unit 11: Wood You Marry Me?
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: Students will design ways to use wood and apply it to a specific purpose.

Big Idea: How can we use wood in different ways?

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