Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Designing Safety Equipment - Section 3: Exploration: Tending the Garden


One of the strategies I employed in the design of this unit was the concept of reading and writing across the disciplines.  This is primarily a science unit addressing external features of plants, how plants grow and change, and how we can mimic the structure and function of plant parts to solve human problems.  However, this unit is enriched by the inclusion of Jack and the Beanstalk as a theme.  Students are not designing safety equipment for any climber; rather, they are specifically solving Jack's problem.  And, not only are students drawing a plan, they are also describing the steps to make the equipment.  Writing a series of steps moves students towards achieving Common Core, Grade 1 Writing Standard 1.7:

Research to Build and Present Knowledge:  Participate in shared research and writing projects (e.g., explore a number of "how-to" books on a given topic and use them to write a sequence of instructions).

  Connection to Language Arts and Writing
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Connection to Language Arts and Writing
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Designing Safety Equipment

Unit 5: Plants: Parts, Parents, Patterns
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT design a solution to a problem.

Big Idea: What are the components of a design plan? Figure it out with us!

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Science, plants, pattern, seed, leaves
  40 minutes
rock climbing
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