Reflection: Student Ownership Introduction to Vectors - Section 3: Determining equivalent vectors


In this lesson I allow students to consider how they will determine if 2 vectors are in the same direction. The students who have taken physics will know that they can use angles. The students who have not taken physics have different ideas on how to determine the direction. I usually have a student say we can use the slope. I will ask how can we use slope. The responses range from "If it is positive you know it is going up." to "If the rise and run are the same they are in the same direction."

To verify students understanding I will put a random point on a grid with a vector and ask students to draw an equivalent vector. Students usually find the vector by finding the distance between the x and y coordinates and make the same distance for the new vector. I will draw a vector in the other direction and ask why this is not equivalent.  I keep checking to make sure students are checking both direction and length for equivalence.


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Introduction to Vectors

Unit 11: Vectors and Complex Numbers
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT find the magnitude and component forms of vectors

Big Idea: What is a vector?

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