Reflection: Routines and Procedures Using Autodesk Inventor Pro - Section 4: Making a Hockey Puck


If I am not diligent in my technology modeling strategy, the students will not be able to work independently and will be stuck waiting for personal time with me. One of my routines is to not allow the students to be at the computer during the Watch part of my Watch and Do strategy.

I have computers around the perimeter of my room and working tables in the center of the room. Students leave their chairs at the tables and bend to the computers. It is my purpose to make them uncomfortable. My responsibility is to give them no more than three instructions without the chairs. If they are doing more work, I let them take the chair to the computer. If you have lap tops, ask them to close the lid and keep it closed. 

  Technology Modeling
  Routines and Procedures: Technology Modeling
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Using Autodesk Inventor Pro

Unit 7: Designing for the Future: Wind Turbine Design
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use an adult technology to design a 3D view of their wind turbine.

Big Idea: Mechanical engineers all over the world use AutoDesk Inventor Pro for 3D designs. Students learn how to create a wind turbine blade using this adult technology.

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