Reflection: Intervention and Extension We Are All Connected! Earth Day Lesson - Section 2: Four Fast Facts



I designed Four Fast Facts as a way to address timing when I wanted my students to do quick research to build background knowledge. The whole idea of contributing to a Google Doc really makes it more meaningful. They work hard to get solid facts since it is displayed for everyone to see. 

As students looked up various sites on Kapok trees, I had roved the classroom. I was checking for anyone who was having difficulty and helping them to find their four fast facts. This process isn't fast for my below grade level achieving students. It can be frustrating if they are trying to get four facts. So, I adjusted their work, reassuring them that I wanted them to focus on more important facts. 

But, this method of focused quick reading to extend their thinking and knowledge really helps them work more efficiently because they work to zone in on important facts, forcing them to look at headings and key words. I think it's great. I love it.

  Four Fast Facts
  Intervention and Extension: Four Fast Facts
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We Are All Connected! Earth Day Lesson

Unit 7: Animals: Structures and Processess
Lesson 1 of 13

Objective: Students learn that all living things are connected and dependent upon one another.

Big Idea: The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry serves as the foundation for a lesson about the fragile ecosystem of the rainforest as students are introduced to environmental science.

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Science, Conservation of Energy, ecosystem, rain forest, Integration of the Arts, real world connection, adaptation, structures, adaptations of animals, animal
  55 minutes
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