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I am so excited when I pose the new question. Right away, many of the children remember back to the apple lesson we completed earlier in the school year that investigated the system of the apple and the importance of it's skin. 

I am a firm believer in lessons recycling through many times during the course of a school year.  The key to making these lessons work is to up the expectations, add more learning content and release more student responsibility each time the lesson is reinvented.  

In doing this, the teacher has a perfect formative assessment at their fingertips.  

That is exactly what this lesson did.  My students quickly, remembered the apple lesson and could recant all the evidence we discovered.  As this lesson progressed, it also brought in the yeast as a variable.  Again, excitement mounted when they recalled the investigation with yeast.  

I knew right away what an impact that learning had made for my students.  Knowing that all students learn at different rates and do not always fully understand the learning the first time out, this lesson offered one more shot for those students who still needed the extra practice with the concepts. While offered the students who were able to grasp the learning the first and second time a third shot to further their own understanding.  

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Banana Biology

Unit 8: Unit 8 - Rain Forest
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT observe and document the decomposition of bananas.

Big Idea: The Rain Forest is a lush and diverse biome, but the soils are not rich in nutrients because of the high rate of decomposition. This lesson shows the decomposition process and allows for discussions and learning to further from its results.

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