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When setting up my classroom in August, I knew that I wanted science options *every* day in first grade.  To make that happen, I designed and stocked a science center.  There are various bins that contain specimens and related books.  Students may use the Science Bins as part of our Daily 5-style reading rotations, and also after science lessons or as an extra morning activity.  

The Plants Bin has books about different trees and flowers, as well as life-like plastic flowers, acorns, seed pods, pinecones, and sections of a tree trunk with rings.  

Here is a picture of the science center in use!  I also have many former students stop by in the morning just to check out what's new!

  Classroom Setup: Science Center
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What makes a seed?

Unit 5: Plants: Parts, Parents, Patterns
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify questions that can be answered by dissecting a plant seed.

Big Idea: Jack and the Beanstalk starts with magic seeds. Today, we'll dissect seeds and see the magic of nature within!

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Science, plants, pattern, seed, leaves
  75 minutes
green bean seed
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