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I like to provide an alternate example where new learning can be applied whenever possible. I do not want my students to leave the classroom thinking that what they learned only applies to a specific example. In this case, I did not want my students to leave thinking that the formula they discovered applied only to the simulation and not the real world. This extra step makes the learning relevant and universal.

Middle school students need an opportunity to interact with their peers and teachers. Simulations are most often completed independently. Providing a complementary hands-on experience gives students an opportunity to check their understanding through collaboration. The hands-on experience gives students an opportunity to talk through what they have learned.

  Applying New Skills in New Situations
  Checks for Understanding: Applying New Skills in New Situations
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Balancing Act

Unit 6: Energy, Force & Motion
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT determine what factors determine whether or not two objects of different mass will be able to balance one another and use those factors to predict balance mathematically.

Big Idea: Can objects of different mass be arranged so they balance one another? Is there a mathematical equation that can predict balance?

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