Reflection: Real World Applications Wood You Marry Me?-Weighty Wood - Section 4: Wrap Up


While simple by design, my goal with this lesson was to give the students and opportunity to take a simple measurable Math concept (heavy or light) and apply it to something that has meaning, give it a concrete connection to their real world.  You'll notice in the lesson narrative that a student- without prompting- was able to do just that.  That's one measurement of a successful lesson.  The other measurement is when we can see the students take this type of activity and harvest useable data.   By that, I mean see how they apply data like heavy or light.  The students really enjoyed learning about wood and they were excited to find ways to use this new knowledge.  To be honest, I noticed more engagement than I expected and I believe it was due to the increased ability to apply what they learned.  Upon reflection, I realize that it’s important to break down subjects like wood and give application instruction at every stage.  This allows the students to immediately apply their new knowledge, give it purpose.  With wood, it was almost as if their eyes had been open (or their windshield cleaned!) because they now notice the ways wood is used all around them.  This valuable perspective is designed to carry on through future lessons and life experiences.  What better way to give a lesson context?          

  Weigh the Possibilities
  Real World Applications: Weigh the Possibilities
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Wood You Marry Me?-Weighty Wood

Unit 11: Wood You Marry Me?
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: Students will use a scale to compare and record the weight of different kinds of wood.

Big Idea: Can the same wood be different?

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Science, Science Skills, wood, tree
  30 minutes
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