Reflection: Flexibility Finding the Distance Between Integers On a Number Line - Section 1: Introduction


The problems in the introduction are presented to make sure students can use a number line to count distances between points.  (If you see your students get this, I wouldn't spend too much time on any of these problems.  I would let them jump straight to the problem solving section.).  Quite a few of my students had a unit of integer operations at the end of their sixth grade year.  They wanted to ignore the number line and just solve the subtraction problems.  I guess that is okay, but I noticed that many of them were making mistakes with their integer subtraction.  I had to keep reminding them to check their answers using the number line.  

Also think of this introduction as something that could be "re-mixed".  You may want to make a quick game out of finding the distances.  There may be no need to provide students with anything other than a number line and then ask students find the distances by posting them on the board.  A high paced game makes this a lot more fun than how it is presented in the resource.


Also, if you students quickly grasp the concept, move on to the problem solving section!


  The Introduction Is a Remixable Template
  Flexibility: The Introduction Is a Remixable Template
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Finding the Distance Between Integers On a Number Line

Unit 1: Rational Number Operations
Lesson 2 of 27

Objective: SWBAT determine the distance between two integers on a number line and express the distance as the absolute value of their difference

Big Idea: Number line models allow students to easily find distances between points and relate the distance as the absolute value of their difference.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, number, distance on number line, distance between integers, absolute value of difference, rational numbers
  45 minutes
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