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The Hook is usually the storytelling intro to the lesson.  Not only does it engage students, but it also relaxes students.  Some of my students who struggle in math are often anxious at the beginning of a lesson, knowing that they are going to learn a new topic.  My students will settle into their seats and relax into the "story".  

With the Napoleon Hook, students were excited to name their version of Napoleon.  One of my students thought she had a Napoleon complex and amusingly the rest of the class agreed. It was a great introduction to exponents.

  Making the Most of a Hook
  Joy: Making the Most of a Hook
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Unit 14: Algebra
Lesson 1 of 16

Objective: SWBAT evaluate numerical expressions with exponents.

Big Idea: Students learn that exponents have a Napoleon complex.

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Math, Exponents, Algebra, powers
  45 minutes
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