Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Wood You Marry Me?-Woodn't You? Part 2 - Section 3: Small Group Instruction


The second lesson using a Design Challenge model was important.  Essentially, it took the process that we began in the last lesson and added an important step by expecting the students to apply the process independently.  This independent implementation adds a key step of gradual release.  Look around..isn’t there something that you wish could be done better?  I think that everyone has these thoughts many times a day.  This Design Challenge process takes those thoughts and asks the students to put them to good use.  I mean, think about it..what good idea is created in a vacuum?  Everything has a source..and the sooner our students realize that they are the source, the more new ideas will emerge.  Our Design Cycle model highlights the ideas of testing, refining, and repeating the process.  Making mistakes and learning from them is a key part of this cycle as well.  As educators, we need to remember to emphasize the process rather than the product to help them see the possibilities in the journey.   

  Potent Possibilities
  Problem-based Approaches: Potent Possibilities
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Wood You Marry Me?-Woodn't You? Part 2

Unit 11: Wood You Marry Me?
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: Students will use tools to identify a problem and design a solution.

Big Idea: How can we solve problems?

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Science, Science Skills, problem solving, wood, tree
  30 minutes
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