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An alternate Exit Slip for this lesson is the Picture Frame Problem.  It is similar to one of the problems represented on the PARCC Assessment.  This is a good formative assessment to check for student understanding of multiplying binomials and simplifying a Polynomial. A common mistake for students is to not distribute to every term.  

The students need to be able to find the area of the inside of the picture frame.  In order to do this students need to be able to write the expressions for each side of the picture frame.  The dimensions of the inside of the picture frame is (15-2x) by (10-2x).  Students need to be able to distribute the terms to create four products and then to simplify the Polynomial.

  Flexibility: Alternate Exit Slip
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Multiplying Polynomials

Unit 7: Polynomial Operations and Applications
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT apply Distributive Property, multiply Polynomials, and recognize Special Products.

Big Idea: To see finding the product of Polynomials as equivalent to applying the distributive property once or multiple times.

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Math, Algebra, Polynomial and Rational Functions, distributive property, multiplying binomials, special products, partner activity
  40 minutes
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