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Why Use Games

I play games a lot in my classroom, especially for review.  Gaming allows students to work in small groups to help each other solve problems.  Gaming can be used at any point in a lesson, to introduce content, to practice content as it is taught, or at the end of a unit to review content and make connections.  

When selecting groups, I place a higher level student in each group and at least one ESE or ELL student in each group.  By working in a small group to come up with answers, the ESE and ELL students are able to be active participants even if they cannot write out the answers.  Often times these students feel more comfortable answering questions and asking for help from their peers then they do from the teacher in front of the whole class.   

I use many different games in my classroom because different students are good at different things.  This allows every student to feel successful.  For example, today we played a basketball game, but I also have a ball toss game, card games, games that use game boards, etc.  All of the games add a sense of competitiveness to the review which the students really enjoy.   The winning group is rewarded with 5 tickets (our classroom incentive) and a piece of candy.  The second place team gets 3 tickets but no candy.  By offering a reward for the winners, the groups are even more motivated to try their hardest which allows me to get a good idea of areas they are struggling with so I can review more in that area before the assessment.   

  Joy: Gaming
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Unit Review Game and Assessment

Unit 7: Earth's Systems
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate proficiency on the 5-ESS2 standards.

Big Idea: Students play a review game, then complete the assessment to demonstrate mastery on the two 5-ESS2 standards.

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