Reflection: Student Feedback Embryos, Animals and Evolution - Section 1: Warm-up


Students loved looking at this interactive and they had a ton of questions and comments.  Next year I want to have some slides of different types of embryos at different stages of development, like the image below, for students to look at under the microscope to complete a "live" version of this tutorial.

  A Ton of Curiosity
  Student Feedback: A Ton of Curiosity
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Embryos, Animals and Evolution

Unit 6: Evidence of Common Ancestry
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT explain the evidence supports evolution from a common ancestor.

Big Idea: Am I part shark? Students investigate all they have in common with a wide range of animals and determine how this evidence supports evolution.

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Science, Evolution, ecosystem, ancestry, Common Ancestors, common ancestry, ancestors, fossils
  45 minutes
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