Reflection: Data Analysis Proportional Relationships of Whole Numbers - Section 4: Exit Ticket


  1. Looking at the data from the exit ticket reveals that 92% of the students were able to correctly label their number lines on part A.  87% of the students were able to answer part B.  Then the levels drop drastically.  Only 47% of the students were able to answer part C.  I think I need to be more explicit in the modeling of values that lie beyond the number line.  This could include placing these values somewhere to the right of the number line and connecting arrows showing the scale factor between the given value and some known value.  Or, I could represent the equivalent ratios in fraction form since this is something with which most students are already familiar.  Only 20% of the students were able to answer part D.  I knew this would be a difficult question for students from previous experience.  This version of the question, however, was poorly written.  I should ask:  "What is the greatest number of oranges and grapefruit that could be packed in a medium box?".  The students who answered this question correctly assumed this is what I meant.  I did give credit to one student who told me there could be 7 pieces of fruit in the box.

  Exit Ticket Reflection
  Data Analysis: Exit Ticket Reflection
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Proportional Relationships of Whole Numbers

Unit 2: Proportional Relationships
Lesson 1 of 12

Objective: SWBAT create proportional relationships of whole number ratios using a double number line

Big Idea: Students expand and solve ratio problems using whole numbers on a double line.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, equivalent ratios, proportional relationships, double number line
  45 minutes
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