Reflection: Accountability Cell Project - A Summative Assessment - Section 2: Feedback & Reflection


Student Reflection

One important, and usually overlooked aspect of assessment is the student reflection. It is important to give students a "voice" in the process and it makes them feel valued.

Upon returning the graded rubric to my students, I ask them to complete a reflection. Some question I ask include:

This project was hard because...

  • I learned...
  • My strengths are...
  • Next time I could do better on...
  • I feel......about my grade on this project.


Student responses are honest and heart-felt and I look to these responses to plan my unit and lessons. This type of reflection also creates accountability for my students and myself. I take their responses and consider that data as I design my unit and lessons for next year.

  Student Reflection
  Accountability: Student Reflection
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Cell Project - A Summative Assessment

Unit 4: Pond Study: Plant & Animal Cells
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create a model of a plant cell, describe each cell part, explain how cells function as "building blocks" of organisms, and summarize requirements for cells to live.

Big Idea: Learn by doing. Construct a model. Get creative with colored paper, glue, scissors, and colored pencils. See what students produce!

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