Reflection: Real World Applications What Is A Rainforest - Section 3: Making A Rainforest Picture


Students were fascinated by the size of the rainforest trees in the video. They had trouble thinking of anything taller than the trees in their own backyards. We went out into the hall and measured out and marked each layer. The students were amazed at how far 165 feet took them. 

For this activity I used 3 yardsticks for each team of 3 students. I had them bring clip boards and a tally sheet. They counted by 3s and recorded as they went. Some wrote 3,6,9,12 as they counted. Others made tally marks and then counted by 5s to keep track of how far they had gone. 

As we reached the 12 foot (understory layer) we put down a marker. At the 100 foot (canopy) layer we did the same. Students stood on the 165 foot marker and looked back. They kept saying, "wow, can you see how far that is?" "If an animal fell out of the canopy it would die!" "It is so far up!" etc. 

Using the math to measure the distance made the enormity of the rainforest more real to students.

  Adding in the Math
  Real World Applications: Adding in the Math
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What Is A Rainforest

Unit 5: Where Does It Live?
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Objective: SWBAT understand what makes a rainforest a special habitat for many animals.

Big Idea: The rainforest is a unique habitat that is home to millions of plants and animals, each with its own way of adapting to the environment

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