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I wanted to set up a scenario that would build some context for these presentations (the governor is looking for some advice about ...) that would allow them to make some kind of judgement or evaluation, but there isn't really a debate for kids. They see solar and wind are renewable and don't pollute, and aren't ready for the subtleties of total power generation or cost.  I wanted to make sure they were given the opportunity to understand a variety of perspectives (What are the advantages of coal, or the disadvantages of solar).  I also want to make sure we don't have to sit through 24 solar power presentations. 

  Authenticity vs. Diverse Perspectives
  Authenticity vs. Diverse Perspectives
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Researching Energy Resources

Unit 6: Natural Resources
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT locate specific information about an electricity source.

Big Idea: How can you use research to build your understanding of an energy source?

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Science, Research Writing and Practices, Electricity, Earth Science, Energy, natural resources
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