Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Matter and Heat / Irreversible Changes - Section 4: Burning Match Demo and Lab Observations


Our art lesson this week seamlessly connected with our science topic. Students colored plastic cups with sharpies. Afterwards a device similar to a hair blower was used to heat up the cups which melted them into a new shape. Later the cups were arranged to create a chandelier for the classroom.

Before students started coloring their plastic cup, students made observations about the properties of the cups which I noted on the board. After heat was applied to the cups, students discussed whether this was a reversible or irreversible change.

All students agreed that the plastic melted, but were not sure that it could be melted to a liquid and then reshaped into a plastic cup. This conversation lead to a discussion on recycling and how it works.

The next step would be for students to pursue the research ....  I will be sure to have resources on hand to help the kiddos who would like to find out more about our discussion topic.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Plastic Cup Art
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Matter and Heat / Irreversible Changes

Unit 5: Unit 5 Matter and Its Interactions
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Objective: SWBAT support their claim with evidence that some materials are irreversibly changed when heat is added or removed.

Big Idea: To change or not to change scientists argue whether or not matter has changed it's properties when heat was added or removed.

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