Reflection: High Quality Task Pushing, Pulling, and Weight - Section 3: Exploration


This was the first time that I really tried scaffolding a lesson to where the students had most of the control over the investigation...I didn't realize how hard it would be to let go! I thought I gave enough structure with the explanation and recording table that my students would understand what do. Well, they really didn't. The lesson was pretty much a disaster. I tried to help some groups (watch me Helping with the Investigation and then watch the Second Part as I follow up with them). After the lesson, I realized that most of my students probably did not really understand the connection between push and pull forces and weight, and so we gave it another go the next day. I basically had the students from this group explain what we did - and the outcome was much better! I think one thing that really helped was limiting students to what they could put in the tub to push and pull, so next time I will have to consider that as I design a scaffolded investigation.

  High Quality Task: Supporting Student-Led Inquiry
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Pushing, Pulling, and Weight

Unit 9: Forces and Motion: Push, Pull, and Movement
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT discover how weight impacts the force needed to move objects.

Big Idea: Now that we know all about pushes and pulls, let's explore weight as a variable!

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Science, friction, First Grade, 1.P.1.1. Explain the importance of a push or pull to changing the motion of an object., Forces, Forces and Motion, motions
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