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Even I was surprised by how "into" creating the wordles my students actually were.  Over the years I must have become a bit jaded because I was very worried that I would have students use a minimum of words in a single line and not take this assignment seriously.  And while I did get a few of those, less than 5 from the 120 students, the majority of the students created some pretty amazing wordles without using technology.  In addition to their high level of creativity, the use of the color code showed us that, overall, we have pretty mixed feelings about genetic technology.  Students were able to see the positive potential but the possibility of misusing any of this, along with the "unnatural-ness" of it all added a level of fear that the students could not discount.  This is well worth the time.

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Genetic Technology

Unit 7: Factors That Drive Evolution
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Objective: SWBAT conduct research to determine the similarities, differences , applications and potential impacts of genetic technologies.

Big Idea: Reproductive cloning, therapeutic cloning, and genetically modified organisms: students use their research skills to find out what these technologies are and how/why they are used.

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