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I used an electric water kettle to boil the water in my classroom. I only had the water boil for about 2 minutes and the water was hot. Cold water was poured in the jars, since the temperature was too hot for my students. I had them push their chairs away from the table and I stuck the thermometers in the jars so the students would not burn themselves. I continued to remind the students that the water was much hotter than I expected or wanted. The students did not touch the jars and they understood the safety rules. After checking the temperature, I allowed them to place the thermometers in the jars safely. The water does need to be hot so students can accurately gauge a difference in the two materials. If you have students that do not display appropriate behavior, you may not want to include them in the group activity. Have them observe from a distance so they will not miss an opportunity to benefit from the experience. 

  Be Careful-Safety First!!!
  High Quality Task: Be Careful-Safety First!!!
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Keeping Us Warm

Unit 8: Weather
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT to describe which of the two cloths hold the most heat.

Big Idea: Children know that sweaters keep them warm. However, this activity permits students to understand that heat can be retained or lost in two different environments.

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