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In creating the differentiated instructional assessment, I wanted to accommodate my students' learning abilities. The assessment did permit students to use the knowledge that they gained to create and design the water cycle using the provided steps. Some of the Super Stars (on-level) and All  Stars(advanced) had a difficult time deciding which step went first and which was "The sun's heat making water evaporate or change into a gas." They were selecting, "The rain and melted snow flows into streams, lakes, and oceans." This was the last step.  To assist all the students with completing the water cycle correctly, I stopped the assignment to make sure that they understood the order and I had all of my students to number the boxes with 1-6, so they could see where to place the steps. I made the needed adjustments to accommodate all of my students. 

In teaching this lesson again, I would place numbers in all the boxes for the Achievers (below level), and Super Stars (on-level). 

  I alter my plans.
  Student Feedback: I alter my plans.
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The Water Cycle

Unit 8: Weather
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT explain and describe the water cycle.

Big Idea: Water cycle is like a cycle of events that happen over and over again in a particular order.

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Science, Weather and Atmospheric Science, Earth Science, water cycle, seasons, cloud
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water cycle
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