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One of my absolute favorite resources to use in my classroom is one I learned about from a fellow Master Science Teacher.  It is called Newsela.  It is an amazing free resource to educators and can be used is so many ways.  

The premise behind it capitalizes on current events from national and local newspapers.  You search for topics relating to your subjects, find your article and adjust the reading lexile based on your students needs.  It is simply a stroke of genius in my opinion.  Including current events from real world reading establishments allows teachers the ability to reach so many CCSS and NGSS goals.  


  Using Real World Reading Artifacts
  Real World Applications: Using Real World Reading Artifacts
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Let's Build a Dam

Unit 7: Unit 7 - Wetlands, Ponds, Rivers, and Streams
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT work as a team to plan, design, construct and test a dam with natural materials.

Big Idea: This lesson uses a real world situation to create a scenario for students to plan, design and carry out a true engineering task....building a beaver dam.

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Science, rivers, engineer, water
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