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My students enjoyed singing this song because they learn best through music. I created a song to motivate and encourage students to develop a love for science.  After my students learned about the seasons, I wrote a song to an old rap tune that I loved when I was child. My students were hooked. We added movements to the song to help my kinesthetic learners. 

It is imperative that as teachers we think about various ways to engage our students. Music is one way to accommodate today's learner.  I alter various songs and add key scientific terms to the song to help students retain the content.  I use this technique in all content areas.

  Season Song
  Joy: Season Song
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Season to Season

Unit 8: Weather
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT recognize how the weather changes from season to season.

Big Idea: How can you prepare for the different seasons?

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Science, Earth and Space Science, Weather and Atmospheric Science, weather, Science Process Skills, seasons, water cycle, cloud
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