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To make the investigation even more engaging, the mystery chemical could be part of a narrative as illustrated in this lesson: Virtual Collaboration: Vertical Lab Groups. In the virtual collaboration lesson, students are part of a crime scene investigation unit that has a "murder" to solve. By contextualizing the mystery chemical within a narrative, students are engaged by trying to solve not only the mystery of the chemical's identity, but also the greater mystery.

Another way to keep the mystery alive is to assign different mystery chemicals to each lab group. This strategy prevents groups from providing other groups with information before they have a chance to experiment on their own.

  Building the Mystery
  Real World Applications: Building the Mystery
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Mystery Substances: Properties of Matter Investigation (Part 2/2)

Unit 6: Properties of Matter
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Objective: SWBAT describe, identify and quantify matter using physical and chemical properties.

Big Idea: Mystery liquids and powders to identify? Toxic? Flammable? Who knows until you test and identify matter samples of unknown composition.

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Science, Physical Science, Properties of Matter, chemical change (Chem), Matter and its Properties, chemical properties, physical properties, physical change, matter
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properties of matter
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