Reflection: Joy The Ever Changing World - Section 4: Writing in Science


This lesson permitted students to learn how land can be changed quickly or slowly. In learning about the various natural disasters, students know the danger that they can cause to people and the Earth. I permitted the students to write so they could select a natural disaster. In looking at the students' paragraph, the students understood how natural disasters happen and how they can prepare for natural disasters. All students did an outstanding job composing their Gazette. The Gazette permitted my students to draw as well as write.

  Writing is Essential.
  Joy: Writing is Essential.
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The Ever Changing World

Unit 7: Earth Changes
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT to identify and distinguish between various natural disasters, which can occur quickly or slowly.

Big Idea: The Earth is always changing due to natural disasters. Students learn how to identify these disasters and how they advise others about these disasters.

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Science, natural disasters, earthquake, weathering, earth, Earth Science, glaciers, water, Wind Erosion, Erosion, ice
  65 minutes
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