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Students really enjoyed learning about something that is familiar to them, For the past couple years here in Maryland, we have been dealing with a horrible stink bug problem, and the students can now identify with why they have been appearing so abundantly. The students also enjoyed being able to work together to create awareness posters because it allowed them to make real world connections. They also shared with me that they felt as though they were helping the common good by informing others on ways to prevent the spread of more invasive species. 

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Invasive Species

Unit 4: Natural Resources and Human Needs
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to identify how plants and animals can cause changes to their environment.

Big Idea: Students will view video resources to learn about the effects of invasive species on different environments.

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Science, environmental impact, Environmental Influence, invasive species, life sciences, habitats, natural resources, food, fuel
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