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Students were provided the Tennessee Do Now Work as a review. In looking at the students' responses, they could not recall information about Tennessee. Therefore, I went over the Do Now Work with the students. Then I required the students to learn the important facts about Tennessee. I sent home a study guide with the students so they could study. Then they were given an assessment to check if students learned the Tennessee facts. Overall, the students did an outstanding job on the assessments over 90% of the students pass.

  Reflecting About Tennessee
  Checks for Understanding: Reflecting About Tennessee
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A Model of Tennessee

Unit 7: Earth Changes
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create a model of Tennessee that shows landforms and water forms.

Big Idea: What landforms and water can be located in Tennessee?

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Science, Tennessee, Map Skills, earthquake, weathering, earth, Earth Science, model, glaciers, water, Wind Erosion, Erosion, ice
  60 minutes
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