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Many teachers plant seeds in the spring-- it's a rite of passage!  There are so many great parallels to how our students have grown and blossomed throughout the year.  I, too, enjoy planting seeds just for the joy it brings.  I like to plant them a few weeks before Mother's Day, and then send them home after our Mother's Day Poetry Tea.

This year, instead of flower seeds (and because no one wants to take bean sprouts home as a gift!), I added a supplemental lesson on bulbs.  This was a way to incorporate another external feature or variation on the theme of seeds.

While reading From Bulb to Daffodil, we took notes as a shared writing with a sequence chart.  Many of my students are into drawing life cycle diagrams, so some chose to record as a life cycle instead of a sequence.  Students then observed bulbs and recorded in their journals.

Finally, we planted our bulbs!


  Unit Planning: Adding supplemental lessons
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What makes a seed?

Unit 5: Plants: Parts, Parents, Patterns
Lesson 3 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify questions that can be answered by dissecting a plant seed.

Big Idea: Jack and the Beanstalk starts with magic seeds. Today, we'll dissect seeds and see the magic of nature within!

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Science, plants, pattern, seed, leaves
  75 minutes
green bean seed
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