Reflection: Real World Applications Designing a Nuclear Waste Facility Part 4 - Section 4: Communicating Solutions


If I have time I hope to complete an Extension activity called Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Facility. The Yucca Mountain facility in Nebraska was funded by Congress but the funding was pulled in 2010. Some of the infrastructure was built and used for testing. 

My intention for showing this to the students is to have them examine the differences and similarities between their design and a design by the US Government. I use pictures of the Yucca Mountain design for the students to compare. 

  Real World Applications: Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Facility
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Designing a Nuclear Waste Facility Part 4

Unit 8: Designing for the Future: Nuclear Waste Facility
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT draw a model of their nuclear waste facility and defend their design.

Big Idea: Creating the model is great fun but how can you know it can pass the mustard with a client? Students are given a real life situation and must explain why their design is the best design solution.

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