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The task cards offer a wide range of activities. You may find that some are not appropriate for your group. For instance, one card asks students to write analogies for each word. If this is not a skill you have taught, then obviously that would be a card to remove from your pack. I included the ABC order card in my pack and quickly regretted it. Because my vocab lists contain only six words, students flew through this activity and were left with nothing else to do for the remainder of the time. If you choose a longer list or give students more than one card to work on at a time, then including the ABC order card would work well for you. 

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  Adjustments to Practice: Appropriate Selections
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Vocabulary Practice

Unit 14: Skill and Strategy Practice with Fiction Texts
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: SWBAT practice important vocabulary using task cards.

Big Idea: Although included in my fictional elements unit using "The Pain and the Great One," these task cards can be used to practice important words from any text.

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