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Although is simple, this lesson,which is actually a strategy,  is powerful for the teacher as a planner. I will use everything I see and hear today in order to plan future lessons. This is my favorite way to present a new unit…it is an open, but focused, form of exploration. 

You will notice in the videos that I am able to glean information about what the students know about what energy sources are, how energy flows, and what makes "things work". Many of my students could identify the source, but are working on how electricity travels and what makes it work. Due to this information, I am able to develop lessons to specifically teach and offer experiences with these concepts.

Just by watching and listening, I have 4 mini lesson ideas that will push my students further in their understandings. 

You may think about trying a "lesson" that allows you to gather information while your students are guided in free exploration.  Work to ask questions that probe their thinking and get them to express their beginning understandings. Really listen to responses, rather than reteach a concept at this point, as your reteaching will be your future lessons. 

  Guided Investigation
  Unit Planning: Guided Investigation
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What Do We Already Know?

Unit 9: Electricity
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Objective: Students will be able to express what they already know about electricity and explore to improve and or prove their knowledge.

Big Idea: Self-guided exploration is a fabulous way to introduce a unit. In this lesson, students will explore components of an electrical circuit and will be challenged with communicating their beginning understandings.

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Science, Electricity, sources, light energy, Circuits, conductors, insulators
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electrical circuit
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